Motivational and leadership books, workbooks, and CDs that will help you manage your career, build your business, create true wealth, and achieve your personal and professional goals. is also the home of CourageWear – Apparel with Altitude!

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Motivate Yourself for Success with these Books, Workbooks, and CDs. Values-Based Life and Leadership Strategies that Really Work.

Proven strategies for goal-setting, personal motivation, leadership development, and life success. You will learn how to:

  • Dream bigger and think more creatively.
  • Confront your fears with courage and determination.
  • Stop procrastinating and use your time more productively.
  • Overcome inner barriers holding you back from being your best.
  • Be more effective as a leader – and as a parent.
  • Achieve your most authentic goals.
  • Become the person you are truly meant to be. is your best source for motivational books, CDs, and other resources for leadership development, and success coaching and training.

Values-based life and leadership strategies:

Be your own Success Coach by applying the strategies in these books and CDs to your work and your life.

Leadership: Learn how you can be a more effective leader at work, at home, and in your community.

Goal-Setting: Stop cheating yourself with anemic goals and dreams!

Team-Building: Learn from the greatest leaders in history and fiction how to motivate your team for achievement.

Wealth and Money: Achieve your financial goals by living your values.

Spiritual and Emotional Strength: The ultimate benefit of values-based living is the emotional equanimity and spiritual peace that you gain.


Spark Your Success - 8 CDs Price:
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These eight full-length audio CDs are jam-packed with powerful, practical, and proven strategies to help you sweep away negative self-talk and self-imposed limitations, cultivate a positive and optimistic mental attitude, and empower yourself with disciplined and focused action.

This special album contains these audio CDs:

CD #1 Get that Pickle Out of Your Mouth
Develop a winning attitude in yourself and in those around you!

CD #2 12 Steps to Manage Anxiety
Practical strategies for transforming fear into the catalyst for action and accomplishment.

CD #3 Winning the War with Yourself
Use the strategies of history’s greatest battlefield commanders to win the war against your own worst enemy – the enemy within.

CD #4 How to Have More Energy
Energy is life, and the 12 action strategies described on this CD will show you how to have more of both.

CD #5 The Self-Empowerment Pledge
These seven simple promises will change your life forever as you take complete and absolute responsibility for your life and commit to the actions required for your success and happiness.

CD #6 The Magic of Metaphorical Visualization
Use the power of metaphors to take charge of your thoughts and emotions, and to program your mind for success!

CD #7 Building on the Pyramid of Self-Belief
The four levels of self-belief, and how you can use them to build a better future.

CD #8 The Janitor in Your Attic
Tap into your hidden genius with this amazing motivational journey through your inner self!


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